optimal values

  • Compressive Strength              8946psi

  • Flexural Strength                       2855psi

  • Co-Efficient of Friction             1.7

  • Freeze and Thaw                       Pass

  • Water Absorbtion by Volume 2.377r/cm3

  • Dry Unit Weight                         2.514gr/cm3

  • Saturated Unit Weight            2.533gr/cm3

  • Real Density                               2.578gr/cm3

  • Compasity                                  %97.74

  • Apparent Porosity                    %1.45

  • Total Porosity                             %3.41   

  • Reaction to Fire                        non-reactive

TRAVERTINE Quality Guidelines:

Travetine is the most durable and all season applicable natural stone.

It is a  high density structure and being resistant to any temperature fluctuations, makes it the most efficient investment to your property.

Travertine requires mild care and maintanence, compared to limestone and marble, travertine is the most popular material used for exterior applications.  

Full Coping Line_edited.png

Paver Finishes​ "1.25

  • Tumbled

  • Brushed

  • Sandblasted

  • Brush-Hammered

  • Chiseled​

Tile Finishes​ "1/2

  • Honed & Filled

  • Honed & Unfilled

  • Brushed & Chiselled

  • Tumbled

Retaining Wall Finishes

  • Tumbled

  • Split-Face

Blockstep Finishes

  • Tumbled

  • Honed & Filled

  • Honed & Beveled

Mosaic Finishes

  • Tumbled

  • Honed & Filled

  • Brushed

  • Split-Face

Wall-Veneer Finishes

  • Tumbled

  • Split-Face

  • Split-Face & Tumbled

       (Smooth Surface)

  • 1st A Grade Select ;

minimized micro porosity for clean and contemporary look,

most uniform color, no mud or onyx veining

***Natural Stone LLC Exclusive for USA Market

  • 2nd A Grade High -Standard ;

includes slightly larger authentic pores of travertine

not to exceed the size of a quarter coin on surface,

Uniform Color Tonality and Shading, no mud or onyx veining


  • 3rd C grade Commercial ;

Large pores are expected in this quality

not to exceed through the stone,

Shading and variation is within the choice of color background, large variety of color entrance

and shading is aspected.