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                                           optimal values

  • Compressive Strength                8491psi

  • Flexural Strength                          2275psi

  • Co-Efficient of Friction                 1

  • Freeze and Thaw                           Pass

  • Water Absorbtion by Volume.   3.150gr/cm3

  • Dry Unit Weight                           2.377gr/cm3

  • Saturated Unit Weight               2.931gr/cm3

  • Real Density                                  2.468gr/cm3

  • Compasity                                     %98.24 

  • Apparent Porosity                       0.5

  • Total Porosity                                %2.1   

  • Reaction to Fire                           non-reactive

Color Description:

Off-white pastel background with beige shells


Limestone is highly durable and and its appearance will stand

the test of time with proper care and maintenance.

Limestone's high density and soft texture allows the stone to be tumbled at highest slip resistancy finish.

Limestone carries fossil & shell deposits inits authentic formation.

It is an efficient luxury addition to any residential and commercial project.


  • 1st A Grade Select ;

crisp non-porous surface, most uniform tonality of each color & type , unfilled , perfectly rectified


***Natural Stone LLC Exclusive For USA Market

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